Arogya Darsini project (Mobile Health unit/ IEC van), supported by Indo-American Health and Development organisation (IADHO) and KCP Cements Ltd., is operational in remote and inaccessible 15 villages of Nagayalanka and Nizampatnam Mandals of Krishna and Guntur districts respectively. It aims to create health awareness on how to prevent, control and manage the diseases and provide medical services to population residing in the above areas. This project will phase out from the present operational areas and extend its services to Tenali, Repalle and Nagayalanka mandals with high burden of LF/Leprosy.

Mobile Health Clinic’s focus is on rural and remote areas to address primary illness where there is lack of accessibility of health service centres. Majority of women and children do not have access to PHC services and even PHC staff have no access to community in some villages. Thus MHC aims to provide such treatment in the inaccessible areas to the underserved groups in 3 PHCs – Munusuru, Chatrai, of Nuzvidu areas of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh.

SANKALP – a community-based project tackling leprosy and lymphatic filariasis, was initiated in 2015 in 12 mandals of Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam districts, of Andhra Pradesh. The objective is to improve the health conditions of people affected by the two debilitating diseases, to enhance their social and economic inclusion. Additionally, people with disabling conditions access the psychological and socio-economic support, serving nearly 3,53,000 beneficiaries directly or indirectly.

NTDRU intervention in Andhra Pradesh was carried out in Krishna and Vizianagaram districts, where there is high burden of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis as per the available data of NLEP and NVBDCP. The purpose is to address the needs of 86,500 persons affected by leprosy referred from primary health centres. SANKALP project, government and community will provide specialised treatment and services through LEPRA referral centres.

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