Axshya project is a GFATM project to strengthen TB care and control in high burden of TB, TB-HIV and missed out cases in Chhindwara, Betul, Harda, Vidisha, Narsingpur, Ratlam, Umaria, Shahdol and Sehore districts of Madhya Pradesh. The project primarily aims to help the state to reach out to missing TB and TB/HIV co-infected cases through a comprehensive, community-centric and all-care-provider engagement approach.

Referral Centres, MP – The referral centre at Badwani district covering a population of 14,92,250 provides comprehensive care to people affected by leprosy. LEPRA supports the referral centre within Victoria Hospital premises in Jabalpur, since 2009 where the reconstructive surgical services are integrated into the general health systems, diagnosis and treatment services are made available at all health facilities.

Technical Resource Unit – LEPRA Society established the Technical Resource Unit (TRU) in Madhya Pradesh in 2008 to extend technical support to the State Leprosy department to strengthen the District Nucleus Teams (DNT), Referral systems and Disability Prevention and Medical Relief (DPMR) activities as per the state leprosy control programme plan.

The Technical Resource Unit, MP, offers technical support to government under capacity building, monitoring and supervision and operational research. The NLEP consultant placed at the Directorate of Health assists the State Leprosy Officer in effective implementation of NLEP. The TRU aims to prevent disability, break transmission and address issues of dignity by strengthening on-going control and treatment services in districts and blocks and address issues of women, children and tribal population.

SANKALP MP –LEPRA initiated SANKALP project in Panna district, which is highly endemic for leprosy and LF, to tackle disability caused by leprosy and LF, through a combined approach. The project aims to reduce the burden of disability among the beneficiaries.

St. Joseph’s Leprosy Centre (SJLC) started leprosy activities in 1993 with the support of LEPRA to provide awareness and holistic relief to leprosy affected through survey, education and providing MDT treatment in three blocks namely Barwani, Bhikangoan, Maheswar with a population of 2,05,077. The SJLC initiated reconstructive surgeries for people affected by leprosy completing 1339 surgeries until October, 2016. The Centre focuses on specialised leprosy services and surgical correction in Indore division covering a population of 1, 14, 33,407.

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